Monday, July 6, 2015

2014-2015 School Year

The 2014-2015 school year was a blur. I was on maternity leave for the first 8 weeks of school as we welcomed little Miss Q into our family. She's the best but it was an adjustment balancing work and parenthood for the first time. What an exhausting year!

Here are some of the things that happened in the art room.

Pretty solid start to the year with this Texan Still Life Lesson for 5th grade using oil pastels and chalk. My sub, Mrs. Bussie, started them while I was gone and had the wonderful idea to use orange paper. I adore them!

First graders read When Pigcasso Met Mootisse. I've read this book before and had students create a cubism pig but this time we experimented with both artists' styles. On the first day we made cubism pigs and on the second we made a cow collage. I think the cows were my favorite!

Kindergarden celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by designed Socks for Fox. Special thanks to our music teacher for letting me take over the wall outside her classroom.

We sold Youth Art Month Shirts again but took a break from Tie Dying. Instead of dying shirts, students who purchased a shirt to support the art program where invited to an extra art activity where they visited art stations. They were able to experiment at Spin Art, Texture Rubbing, Spirographs, Scratch Art, and free choice stations.

Munford 6th Grader, Sarah, was selected a finalist for Birmingham's Fashion Week. Her design was on display at the Birmingham Museum of Art and she modeled it on the runway during Fashion Week. Way to go SARAH!

Due to limited wall space, we had to adjust the way we display the school art show. In the past we have hung it on the walls but this year we had to find another way to display the show. Luckily, Facebook predicted the problem and started covering my feed with ads for Artome. They framed and displayed EVERY piece of art for the school show! It was wonderful! I think I still logged the same number of after school hours but I did not burn myself with the hot glue gun. Everyone had a blast!

We particmated with Crayola's ColorCycle program again this year. We set a new person record by collected 1,163 "dead" markers to be recycled.

So many other magical things happened but 98.6% of the school year my cell, ipad, and camera were too full of this.....

I promise I'll do a better job documenting art next year.... but that face!

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