Monday, September 16, 2013

Visiting Artist, Tommy Moorehead

Local artist, Tommy Moorehead, guest taught 4th grade last week. He shared his knowledge of Alabama Creek Indians. After a history lesson about the Native Americans from our area, he lead a art lesson on facial proportions and guided students in creating Creek Indian Portraits. Their artwork will be part of a community exhibit marking the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of Talladega.

Green Ribbon Efforts

Mrs. Murray, our science teacher, requested painted barrels to be used for recycle bins at the high school football field. Several 4th graders helped decorate them. Kicking the year off with acrylics! #ifearnothing

Lisa Frank Approves this Art Room


I really wish I had taken better before pictures! This place came a long way over the summer. Here are a few pictures of the cheery bright splash of joy you will find in room 101.

Let's see how long I can keep it this organized.

I have had my eye on this rug forever. The kids love it! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

One Million Bones

Today, volunteers from all around the world are working to set up One Million Bones on the National Mall in Washington, DC. I have been following the hashtags all weekend. I am so glad that I found out about this project and was able to get my students involved. 

Fifth grade completed a unit on One Million Bones. They learned about social conflict in countries around the world. They watched video's about artist, Naomi Natale, and her installation project, One Million Bones. The idea is to have students and artists from all over the word make a bone to be used in a "mass grave" installation to create awareness of genocide and give a voice to the voiceless. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Each 5th grader made bones from clay to be used in installation. They put one word on their bone that expressed what their bone represented.

Only a few weeks after we completed this art lesson, I recieved an email from Students Rebuild. They asked if they could visit our school for a presentation and bone making activity. I was really excited to expand until this lesson and it provided an opportunity to involve 3rd and 4th graders.

On May 10th, we welcomed Stephanie and Eric from Students Rebuild to our Campus.

Together we made around 1,000 bones that we mailed to Washington DC to be part of the installation on the National Mall. This time we used newspaper and masking tape to sculpt the bones. We took over the gym for nearly 2 hours.
The Anniston Star and Daily Home covered the story. 

I wish I was in DC right now to help. I've gotten really attached to this project. Students Rebuild just emailed me a picture from the site. They have up packed one of our boxes.

You can watch the live feed today.
Click here to see ONE MILLION BONES.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

3rd Grade Thank You for Student Teacher

Mrs. Morrow asked me if I could help her students make a thank you for their student teacher. This is the idea we came up with. Each student made created a flower print using Styrofoam to engrave their printmaking plate. They pulled two prints of their flower.

Then they took turns drawing, coloring, and painting the vase and background.

Three students glued all of the flowers in place.


Cityscape Chalk Drawing Fourth Grade

Cityscape Chalk Drawing
Teacher: Abby Kuhn
Grade Level: Fourth Grade
Time Allocated: 45 Minutes

Students will be able to create a layered cityscape drawing using chalk to illustrate the illumination of city lights.

Alabama Course of Study Standard:
ACOS.4.1         Produce two- and three- dimensional works of art with a variety of traditional and digital processes, materials, subject matter, and techniques.

View video about artist’s city inspired sculpture

View images of cityscape artwork.


Black Construction Paper
Color Chalk
Scrap Poster Board for cutting buildings
White paint

The Teacher will
The Students will
Watch: Video of cityscape sculpture.
View: Images of cityscape artwork.

Demonstrate: The instructor will demonstrate how draw a cityscape on scrap poster board and cut it out. After the cityscape has been cut out, lay the piece on top of black construction paper and brush over the top of the city with colored chalk to create the illustration of light coming from the buildings. Repeat as needed.
Create: The students will  draw a cityscape on poster board, cut it out, layer the pieces, brush with colored chalk, and repeat as needed to create a layered chalk cityscape drawing.

The instructor will use the following check list an informal assess.
Students will be able to create a layered cityscape drawing using chalk to illustrate the illumination of city lights.

3rd Grade Matisse Collage

There is a display of third grade's Matisse inspired construction paper collage. We learned about organic shapes and read Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors by Jane O'Connor.