Saturday, October 13, 2012

Miro Figure - First Grade

Miro Portrait
Lesson Title: Miro Portrait

Teacher: Abby Kuhn
Grade Level: First Grade
Time Allocated: 45 Minutes


Students will create a Miro inspired portrait using lines, form, primary colors, and secondary colors.

Alabama Course of Study Standard:

ACOS.1.2         Apply primary, secondary, and neutral colors; line direction; form; and space to create works of art.           



Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Line Direction


Tempera Paint
Drawing Paper

The Teacher will
The Students will
Watch: Video about Joan Miro.
Demonstrate: The instructor will demonstrate how draw a figure using different shapes and then add color with tempera paint.
Create: The students will draw a figure using different shapes using a crayon and add color to their work using tempera paint.


The instructor will use the following check list an informal assess.

Students will create a Miro inspired portrait using lines, form, primary colors, and secondary colors.


Feeling really blessed to have such supportive parents at my school. There are some of the things they gifted the art studio from our wish list. 

If you still want to help, we could use new markers, masking tape, and glue sticks.


Every year on September 15, innovative educators around the world celebrate International Dot Day by making time to encourage their students’ creativity. We participated by making our mark at our school too. The dot above was created by a kindergartner. I think it's PERFECTION!

This is one of the dot displays in our school.

Fourth grade created a collaborative dot. Each student got 1/4 of a dot and then we put all of the pieces together. They loved this!

Dot Day was inspired by The Dot written by Peter H. Reynolds.

Here's a video that tells the story of the dot.

Over the Reading Rainbow

Our school has a Wizard of Oz theme for Reading this year. We kicked off art this school year with lessons inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Kindergarten - Rainbow Mobile

by Henry

 First Grade - Ruby Slippers

by Tonyiah

Second and Third Grade - Scarecrow and Tinman

Fourth Grade - Lion Collage

by Jameson

Fifth Grade - Poppies

by Mrs. Parnell's class

Art Teachers live for COLOR RUN

The Kuhns loved the COLOR RUN! 

My husband and I ran in the color run. It rained the whole time. I was pretty disappointed but it was still the most fun race EVER. 

If it comes to your city. DO IT! Oh, and get there really early because traffic is crazy.

Ready? Set. Art Studio!

I took a course called Class Room Management in grad school with Dr. Meadows. It was one of my favorite classes because I love thinking of ways to be organized in the art room. Here are some of the things I do to make my day go smoothly.

The picture above shows my media expectations chart. I flip it to new expectations depending on what material we are working with. The first thing on my list is to share. In elementary art, I feel like I have to remind them that the materials below to EVERYONE.

I got married and my new name Kuhn sounds like Coon. I've embraced the raccoon as a classroom mascot. I decided to let him hold the art studio rules. 

The art teacher who taught here before me had this really great class cubbys made. I have a shelf for each homeroom. They have art codes that match the labels on the cubbys.

Sorry this isn't the best picture. If you look at the cabinets, you can see my Art Effort Rubric. I created a drawing of the same subject matter five times. Each time I put a little more effort in my artwork. Number one took the least effort and five took the most effort. If I think a student needs some motivation, I refer them to the Art Effort Rubric. I asked them to rate their work and then to tell me what they think they could do to it to make it a 4 or a 5 on the effort scale. 

We have been working to become a Leader In Me School. In the art studio, I would like for students to be able to solve problems without shouting out "I MESSED UP!" Whenever someone panics over they work, I point them to this poster and encourage them to find a solution to their problem. There are NO mistakes in art. There are just different ways to do things. 

Summer Art Camp Eric Carle Seahorses

Over the summer Mrs. Kuhn taught at Arts Camp. Here is a project from camp. We created seahorses inspired by Eric Carle. This was a two day project. Students created texture paper for the seahorses using bubble wrap. I love them!

Eric Carle: Mix Media Seahorse 
Time Allocated: 30 Minutes (2 Days)


Students will be able to create a Eric Carle inspired Seahorse


Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle.


Cool Colors
Warm Colors

Bubble Wrap         



(Deep Space Sparkle)
Read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle explaining that he is a writer and an illustrator.

Demonstrate how roll warm color paint to design paper that will be used to make seahorses. Use bubble wrap to create texture.

Demonstrate how to use crayons to draw seaweeds for crayon resist.
Demonstrate how to illustrate water with cool paint using cool colors.

Demonstrate how to cut out seahorse and glue on the water background. If time allows, add green tissue paper seaweed for depth.

Use rollers to create warm color designs on paper that will be used to make seahorses.

Use crayons to draw seaweed and ocean bottom on paper.
Use cool colors to paint over the water on background paper.

Cut out seahorse.

Glue to background.

Optional: Add tissue paper seaweed for depth.

INFORMAL: The instructor will assess students by walking around the room as students work on their seahorse illustration. Students are expected to have a warm colored seahorse and a cool color background.